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4 - 5 years

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Our Pre-K classroom offers a clean and stimulating environment for your preschooler’s natural curiosity and preparation for kindergarten. The area is built to encourage individual skills, creative expression, and social play. Our nurturing caregivers provide attentive and affectionate care, creating bonds of trust necessary to encourage development. Their patience and guidance help children as they learn how to interact with their peers and make positive choices. We foster young students’ increasing language and conflict-resolution skills to ensure they are prepared for elementary school and the years ahead.

Through our language immersion program, Pre-K students learn in a social and academic environment that helps them to become fluent multilingual speakers. Students are highly engaged and proactively practicing and speaking their new language. Our curriculum focuses on the STEAM approach, reading and writing skills, and social interaction. Teachers continue to build upon lessons taught in the earlier years through play, individual and group interactions, and age-appropriate activities that capture and hold the children’s attention. We incorporate lots of hands-on activities, focusing on arts and crafts, dramatic play, early writing skills, math, music, science and technology, social studies and geography, and story time to help children achieve their learning goals. We also focus on building each student’s self-esteem, independence, and confidence with activities such as show-and-tell and picking up after themselves. Children enjoy plenty of active playtime indoors and in our outdoor play areas.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that we have stringent safety and cleanliness standards and provide a daily report with information about your child’s activities, eating, and bathroom habits for the day. We have child-sized toilets in our bathrooms to increase accessibility for newly potty-trained children. As they gain their independence, children are taught the importance of hand hygiene in this new phase. Bathrooms are cleaned throughout the day to avoid the spread of germs.

Proper nutrition is key for development of healthy bodies and minds. We are serious about nutrition and strive to offer a diversity of healthy foods, including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Expanding the palate at an early age leads to years of healthy eating for better mental and physical activity. All our meals and snacks are prepared in our on-site kitchen, many times made from scratch, using real food FREE from highly processed ingredients or artificial colors. We choose organic whenever possible. Breakfast, lunch, and 2–3 snacks are provided daily.

Please keep in mind, that Building Brains Academy typically has a waitlist in place for all classrooms so it is a good idea to tour our facility early to ensure we have a space for your child when you need it.

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