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Infant Program

(6 weeks to 12 months)


6 weeks to 12 months

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Our warm and welcoming infant room is a peaceful and cozy space for your infant’s first learning experiences. Our nurturing caregivers provide attentive and affectionate care, creating the deep bond and trust that are necessary to encourage development.

Infant room

Our infant room is very spacious and inviting to foster infants’ natural curiosity with plenty of soft toys, baby gyms, infant books, and areas to explore. It has its own designated playground exclusively for infants and babies, adjacent to the classroom, where they can enjoy playtime outdoors.

Each day is carefully designed with stimulating activities that encourage mental and physical development. We incorporate natural routines of feeding, tummy time, sleep, and play with activities that are structured around the Florida’s Early Learning and Developmental Standards. We foster their fine motor and gross motor skills as well as their cognitive development. Language development is encouraged through constant interaction with teachers in the targeted language and through music and reading.

Our infant room has a color-coding procedure to identify all your child’s belongings including bottles with our custom bottle labels provided by us. Our teachers are trained in proper handling of breastmilk, if your child is on breastmilk. Additionally, infants who have started solid foods can enjoy healthy meals and snacks, with no artificial coloring, prepared in our on-site kitchen.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that we have stringent safety and cleanliness standards. Parents will have access to our parent communication app where we would share the child’s daily activities and pictures.

Please keep in mind, that Building Brains Academy typically has a waitlist in place for all classrooms so it is a good idea to tour our facility early to ensure we have a space for your child when you need it.

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