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Kindergarten Program

Starting in August 2024

Starting in August 2024, our school will expand its program into kindergarten with a new and exclusive Dual-Language Program (Spanish & English).

Through our Dual-Language Program (Spanish & English) for kindergarten our students will learn in a social and academic environment that helps them to become fluent multilingual speakers.

Our curriculum also focuses on VESS critical thinking approach of learning as well as other important topic like Science, Math, Social Studies, ELA (English Language Arts), SLA (Spanish Language Arts), Arts, among other topics.

This private kindergarten classroom offers a small setting for a more individualized education and learning. The environment is clean, cozy and stimulating for your child’s learning throughout this important year.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that we have stringent safety and cleanliness standards and while our nurturing caregivers provide attentive and affectionate care, creating a bond and trust with each child to encourage development.

Proper nutrition is key for the development of healthy bodies and minds. We are serious about nutrition and strive to offer a diversity of healthy foods, including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Expanding the palate at an early age leads to years of healthy eating for better mental and physical activity.

We offer healthy, homemade breakfast, lunch, and snacks FREE from highly processed ingredients or artificial colors.

Standards of Ethical Conduct

Please keep in mind, that Building Brains Academy typically has a waitlist in place for all classrooms so it is a good idea to tour our facility early to ensure we have a space for your child when you need it.

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