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Lake Nona, FL area preschool offering foreign language immersion!

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New Facility (OPENING EST. 2023)
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Welcome To Building Brains Academy!

Building Brains Academy is a language-immersion preparatory preschool that provides an outstanding curriculum with a STEAM focus and a high level of academic excellence.

Lake Nona Area Preschool

Our program offers a rich, interdisciplinary, multilingual experience for children, 6 weeks through Pre-K, in an intercultural environment. Through our multilingual immersion approach, Building Brains Academy offers a full-immersion Spanish, Mandarin, French, and English language program that focuses on the unique way children naturally absorb new languages in their early years.

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Under Construction

We are building a new location currently under construction still within the Lake Nona Area of Florida.

For now, if you have an interest in our new facility you can add your name and contact details to our interest form. We will be posting updates about the building of this location very shortly. We have an expected opening for 2023.


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We place great emphasis on the environment, which we recognize for its potential to inspire children. A pristine classroom environment filled with order and beauty, free from clutter, where every material is considered for its purpose, is conducive to peace and better learning.

We are also committed to instilling organizational skills, manners, and a strong sense of responsibility in our students. Virtues such as compassion are equally meaningful as they strengthen character.

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Why Language Immersion?

Children learn a language intuitively by being immersed in it. We all learn this way from our parents, and it is the simplest and most effective way to learn a new language. The quantity of words a child is exposed to and the frequency of exposure have a direct influence on how fast that child will learn a language on both a receptive and an expressive level.

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At Building Brains Academy, we offer developmentally appropriate childcare programs and a specialized preschool curriculum. We are NOT a daycare center. Schedule a tour and see first hand why Building Brains Academy is Lake Nona, Florida's best preschool and child care center. We are conveniently located on the outskirts of St. Cloud in the Lake Nona, Florida area.



Your child will be immersed in a multilingual academic environment and have the opportunity to learn Spanish, English, Mandarin, and French in a simple, fun and organic way.



Through project-based, inquiry-driven activities, children explore and discover the world around them. Students learn while using the target language as their primary form of communication.



Working with only a few children in small/personalized groups enables our teachers to provide individualized attention in order to accommodate your child's unique learning style and needs.



Healthy nutrition is fundamental for brain and body development. We serve our students homemade meals and snacks FREE from artificial colors, FREE from highly processed ingredients, and organic whenever possible.



Soccer, Yoga, and Music Classes are just a few of the fun extracurricular activities we offer at Building Brains Academy to keep those little bodies moving. Your child will also look forward to scheduled class parties.



Edu1st VESS is a bilingual international curriculum approved for Florida's School Readiness Program that integrates the academic, social, and emotional development of each child so they thrive in all of these areas.


Edu1st VESS


Edu1st VESS

Edu1st VESS is a bilingual curriculum approved for Florida's School Readiness Programs. It is an eclectic holistic approach to learning. Our curriculum takes into account and integrates the academic, social and emotional development of the child so that they may reach maturity in all these areas. VESS' main objective is fostering in each child the thinking and life skills necessary to lead a Meaningful Life with Balance and Wisdom.
This curriculum combines all the fundamentals that children need during the most crucial neurological stage of their lives in order to endow each child with the necessary habits of mind and thinking and life skills to lead a good and productive live.
Infancy and early childhood is the ideal time to immerse your child in a foreign language. Between birth and five years old is when the human brain is hardwired to learn language and most receptive to acquiring the phonemes, grammar, and vocabulary of multiple languages. After age five, this critical window closes and it becomes much harder to learn a new language.
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